Wrecker's of the Coast

Building Player Backstories

For anyone wanting to get really crazy on backstory stuff such as birthdate, birth order, family social status and birthplace to name a few, I have stacks of charts you can roll on or choose from but we can do that outside of regular game time so the group isn't slowed down. Most of the information would be just crunchiness to add to your PC's history BUT I have no problem if you want to have me work any of it into the campaign as we go along. Also, this type of information is good for me to flesh out sessions should any of you want to pursue the information in the backstory. ;-)

Campaign Situation/Background

I'll be posting the campaign storyline here as I get it written up in more detail.

Basically, a Peonian Priest from Dunir has gone missing. He was in Sarkum for church matters and then was to set sail back to Dunir (where he is based to the North) the other day. He was scheduled to stop over in Hebon to meet with the local priest there but the ship never showed up. It's highly probable that the ship that was carrying him was overtaken by one of the frequent storms that hit off the southwestern coast near Herkely island where there are dangerous reefs. The group is currently in Hebon and has been recruited/hired to sail out, back towards Sarkum and see if any trace can be found.

UPDATE: Sept 29, 2016 (10:37 CDT) – The Peonian Priest from Dunir has been rescued from the slavers.

The 'World' as you know it

Anyone wanting more detailed background information on the world I use (Harn but it is heavily homebrewed) can access the .pdf file at;


All the information in there is not 100% accurate for this campaign but enough of it is so that it will give you a general idea of what is going on around you and how others see things (the masses and such).

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